Botanical Garden


Easy Trails

Loudon Peatland Trail (2.9 km - Easy)

The beginning of this trail and the boardwalk are wheelchair accessible - perfect for viewing wildlife around the marsh.  The trail proceeds to explore a variety of wetland types including the provincially significant Loudon Peatland with its fen border and central bog.  There is also a lookout tower overseeing the beaver pond.

Bobcat Trail (0.3 km- Easy) 

This trail provide an alternate route between the Heron and Atakas trails.

Beckett Lang Trail (0.3 km - Easy) 

This trail provides an alternate route between the Coastal and Atakas trails.

Lapin Beach Trail (1.4 km Easy) 

The trail is accessed by boat and begins at a sandy beach.  There is poison ivy near the beach, so be cautious using this area.  The trail has a healthy black ash swamp and a beaver pond, evidence of changing water levels.  Sweet gale, winter holly and speckled alder can be seen along the trail.

Samoset Trail (3.4 km - Easy)

The trail takes you through jack pine forests, along granite ridges and across lowland red maple and black ash swamps.  Be sure to take your binoculars and watch for waterfowl where the trail meets Samoset Creek.  You may even see owls roosting in the dead tree stumps in the swamp.