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Mashkinonje Park has over 35 km of hiking trails, including 5 easy trails, 3 moderate trails, 2 difficult trails, and a paddle route accessible by canoe or kayak. 

Trail features include informative multi-lingual signage about the local flora and wetlands, beautiful Lake Nipissing shoreline with beaches and docks, and great birdwatching opportunities. Some typical bird sightings include (but are not limited to!) blue jays, purple finches, evening grosbeak, snow buntings, yellow-rumped warblers, northern harriers, and bald eagles. 

Easy Trails


2.9 km

Loudon Peatland Trail

The beginning of this trail and the boardwalk are wheelchair accessible.  Follow the trail to explore a variety of wetland types, including the provincially significant Loudon Peatland with its fen border and central bog.  The end of the trail features a lookout tower overseeing the beaver pond.


0.3 km

Bobcat Trail

This trail provide an alternate route between the Heron and Atakas trails.


1.4 km

Lapin Beach Trail

The trail is accessible by boat, or via the Samoset or Coastal trails. Beware of poison ivy near the beach. The trail features a healthy black ash swamp, a beaver pond, and a lovely variety of flora, including sweet gale, winter holly and speckled alder.


0.3 km

Beckett Lang Trail

This trail provides an alternate route between the Coastal and Atakas trails.


3.4 km

Samoset Trail

The trail takes you through a jack pine forest, along granite ridges, and across lowland red maple and black ash swamps.  Be sure to bring your binoculars and watch for waterfowl where the trail meets Samoset Creek.  You may even see owls roosting in the swamp's dead tree stumps.

Moderate Trails


5.4 km

Atakas Trail

The trail transects the park's rock ridges and valley wetlands, and features various forest communities and wetlands.  The trail passes meadows (dry pond beds), historic logging operations, a draft-dodger cabin and a wetland, rich with cranberries.


4.9 km

Heron Trail

The Heron trail meanders along rock ridges and features many elevated lookouts.  On this trail, you'll see bog species that have adapted to the unusual acidic conditions here. This trail is ideal for bird watching!


4.0 km

Martin Pond Trail

Hike along granite ridges, and part of a complex marsh and swamp wetland.  This marsh is an indication of what beavers can accomplish.  There is always plenty of activity, so be prepared to just sit and watch.

Difficult Trails


4.4 km

Coastal Trail

This trail follows bedrock ridges along the coast of Lake Nipissing, offering beautiful views of the West Arm.  The bridge midway along the trail is a perfect spot for a picnic.

pebble beach.jpg

0.3 km

Pebble Beach Trail

This trail is accessible by boat or land.  The trail traverses bedrock ridges, winds through forests of jack pine, trembling aspen, red maple and red oak, giving you views of the West Arm of Lake Nipissing and Maskinonje Island.  The return portion is easier, allowing a gentle stroll along an old logging road. 

Kayak / Canoe Routes

Sunset Kayak

5.0 km

Muskrat Creek

The provincially significant wetland can be explored by canoe or kayak from Highway ON-64.  This large wetland is 2.5 km in length and extends into Lake Nipissing.  It is common to see large birds of prey such as osprey and harriers along the marsh.  This route also provides access to the entire coast of the park. 

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