The Friends of Mashkinonje is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the conservation and sustainable recreational use of Mashkinonje Prov Park

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Barrier Free Trail

The Friends of Mashkinonje are very proud to offer the experience of nature to all members of our communities, including those using wheelchairs and strollers. This trail has been approved by an Ontario Parks Landscape Architect for barrier free usage. The barrier free trail meanders through an upland forest, across a 300' boardwalk over a marsh to a lookout over a beaver house in the marsh. The trail has specially designed benches every few hundred feet allowing people to sit and enjoy the wonderful Mashkinonje surroundings.

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Bird Watching

Are you a "birder"? Well, if you are you have a great opportunity to commune with nature and watch our feathered friends. Mashkinonje Provincial Park boasts dozens of types of birds as they migrate North in the Spring, settle in the Park for nesting or as they head south for winter.   

Nature Conservation

Relax and enjoy the day at Mashkinonje Provincial Park. Nature Conservation is a critical aspect of the Park.  The signage, created by Dr. Peter Beckett, Ecologist and Wetlands Expert, is available in both English and French and has excellent information about the Park and conservation.  We encourage all visitors to stay on the trails, leave no garbage behind and take away with you wonderful memories of the day.  There’s no better environment to experience this type of activity. Enjoy the tranquility accompanied by the natural musical tunes of the animals who call our Park home.

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The Friends of Mashkinonje is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to:
1) carrying out environmental protection and preservation of the Park and its trails.  2)  education, recreation and interpretive signage relating to the natural , scientific, historic and cultural resources of the Park.  
3) Look at our Events calendar and plan to participate in our seasonal hikes lead by Doctor Peter Beckett and/or the Parks Ontario Superintendent.


As a member of Friends of Mashkinonje you would receive our newsletter twice a year.  We provide an update on the Park, planned activities to name just a few of the regular articles in the newsletter.

Blueberry season
Blueberry season
Explore Mashkinonje
Explore Mashkinonje
Pogonia Orchid - Ontario Wildflowers
Pogonia Orchid - Ontario Wildflowers
Sit, Rest, Take it All In
Sit, Rest, Take it All In

About Us

The evolution of the Mashkinonje Provincial Park was brought about by special partnerships between the local communities and Ontario Parks. Mashkinonje was designated as a provincial park in 1963. The Friends of Mashkinonje were incorporated as a charity in the year 2000 and the Municipality of French River signed a formal agreement to participate in 2006.

Mashkinonje (pronounced mas-kin-onj) is native for muskellunge, one of the largest fish inhabiting the surrounding waters of Lake Nipissing. Mashkinonje is over 2,000 hectares stretching from the West Bay to the West Arm of Lake Nipissing. The Loudon Peatlands and an area along Muskrat Creek are provincially significant wetlands but there are many other fascination and beautiful spots in Mashkinonje.

In the past, local people and visitors saw the area as a name on a map. Today, Mashkinonje has 35 kms of hiking trails that cross bedrock outcrops to the peatlands, beaver ponds and the scenic West Arm of Lake Nipissing. A network of ten trails ranging from two kms to 5.4 km in length provides many hiking and snowshoeing opportunities.  The Park also includes a 5 kms canoe or kayak paddle that leads directly into Lake Nipissing via Muskrat Creek.

There are 5 trails classified as easy, 3 moderate and 2 difficult. More information is available about the trails at The first half km of the Loudon Peatlands Trail past the boardwalk is wheelchair and stroller accessible.  We invite you to come, hike and learn about the wonders of our wetlands.


Upcoming Events

Come Visit

             All activities are dependent on the Covid situation at the time and may be cancelled.

The annual Spring Hike Has been cancelled by Ontario Parks due to Covid-19 concerns.  This hike may be scheduled at a later date.

Sunday August  22,  2021:   11:00 a.m.   ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, Picnic and Silent AuctionThis is held at the Loudon parking lot and trail head.

Sunday October 31, 2021:  1:30 p.m.   HALLOWEEN HIKE!  Meet at the Loudon Parking Lot on highway 64 at 1:30 p.m.

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